Thursday, October 20, 2011

Building blocks

We have been working diligently to finalize details and work to the first goal, opening a fully functioning Muay Thai Kai club.

the  funding is a big step that we're working on as well; there are several methods, however like everything else, we are trying to create a plan everyone can follow. We will keep everyone updated as we progress.
Thank you one and all, we are on the race to win, Godspeed!

Monday, June 13, 2011

New kind of club

We are commited to bringing a new kind of outreach to the forefront. Yeah, in the past whenever you needed your child to stay out of trouble and be involved in the community you always had the Boy scouts, Girl scouts and 4H;however, with obesity on the rise, gang violence escalating and drug activity not slowing down, its time for a club that can tackle those things head on, unflinchingly and unashamed!

MMA is on the rise, as well as Muay Thai, a 2000 year old sport, known as the king of the ring! Every great MMA fighter is coached in Muay Thai because the conditioning is second to none, and the combat sport, while steeped in tradition and well mannered culture, is a magnificent source of self defense!

While the family and youth learn self defense skills, on the club side of it they learn invaluable life building skills, as there are offices to fill, funding to figure out and charity events to help the community with.

Welcome to the world of The Muay Thai Kai!!